November: 2015 Calendar Project

November: 2015 Calendar Project

Hello and welcome to November!

Where has the year gone?! It seems just like yesterday I that I made my first paper cut in this series. Yet so much has happened this year too. I can only be thankful for how the year has gone, both the good and the bad because it all works together to shape me as a person.

So the quote for this month is

Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded

I think the quote speaks for itself. Why settle for average and blend in when with just a little extra effort you can be exceptional and stand out?

Cut out detail

Cut out detail

As humans a lot of us are concerned with how we are perceived by others. A lot of people seek out social acceptance by conforming to how things are normally done.  There doesn’t exist that inner drive to make an extra effort and become extra-ordinary. We are content with being mediocre with work, relationships etc because that’s how other people are living their lives so you find it acceptable to do the same.

Cut out detail with backing paper

Cut out detail with backing paper

Quite a few of us read self-help books, listen to motivational speakers or sermons and get really fired up about the message. However you find that a lot of us just end up not moving an inch from that state of existence we were so fired up to change from.

Why is this? It’s because we are lazy. To make the change we seek requires effort  amongst other things like courage, focus, discipline etc.

It’s so much easier to slip into our comfort zones and vegetate in front of the TV or Internet, than to push ourselves and say we are determined to achieve something exceptional.

Calendar Bicycle detail

Calendar Bicycle detail

Those that do go the extra mile ‘don’t have two heads’ like some Nigerian parents will say. What they do have us drive, focus and determination. Most importantly they excel because they are passionate about what they are doing. It would be hard to convince anyone to put in extra effort into something if it’s not something they enjoy.

cut out detai3

As humans we are created with all our gifts and talents already inbuilt. Some people can readily tap into what these are very early in life, while for others they have to dig deep and discover the purpose for which they were created.

My charge to you is to find something you’re passionate about, hold on to it with both hands, be relentless in your pursuit of knowledge on everything about it and then see how you can do that thing differently from everyone else.

November close up

November close up

In doing so you’ll find that going the extra mile is enjoyable, it ceases to feel like ‘work’ and more like an extension of who you are and it shows to the world the unique expression of who you are just a God intended.

Start  today. Don’t settle for ordinary, put in some extra effort so the world will see you as extraordinary.

November 2015 calendar

November 2015 calendar

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. To see others in this series or other craft projects I’ve done,  just follow the links below and on the side. Thank you to everyone who comments, likes and shares my post. I’m really grateful and please don’t stop I’m really encouraged by all you do as you follow me in this creative journey.

I have some interesting stuff to share with you guys in the coming weeks so please keep an eye out for that. You can subscribe to this blog at the top of the page so you don’t miss out on any of it. I promise not to spam or sell your info to anyone (trust me I get irritated when it happens to me so I’m in no way going to inflict that in you).

Till next time stay blessed people!

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