October : 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

October : 2015 Monthly Calendar Project


Let me start by saying:

Happy Independence Day Nigeria!

For those of you who are not in the know, October 1st is my country’s Independence Day and we’re 55 years young!

October is also my birthday month *whoop! whoop! It’s less than a week away and no I’ve not made any plans *sigh

So I’ll make this brief.

The quote as you may have already guessed is;

You must do the thing you think you cannot do

It was said by Eleanor Roosevelt  and I think it is quite apt because it speaks to where we are as a country and also to me personally.

Close up detail

Close up detail

I chose to interpret the quote by showing a skydiver with his Nigerian parachute open in front of a rainbow. He seeks to find the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which will be his reward for stepping out of his comfort zone and taking that leap of faith out of the airplane.

October detail2

In a nutshell in order to progress, we must face our fears head on and take a leap of faith in order to liberate ourselves.

Nigeria must face up to the fact that we can’t carry on with status quo of corruption, bad governance and the like and expect to progress. We need fearlessness in our judiciary, law enforcement, government to speak up against evil and ensure we create a better Nigeria for our children.

October calendar

October calendar

On a personal level I know I need to challenge myself more to grow beyond my current state of existence. Now I’m not going to jump out of a plane (I’ll probably not do that in a million years lol!) But there are other areas in my life where I can afford to be bolder and seek to change that which I have been afraid to confront.

October calendar and the Nigerian Coat of Arms

October calendar and the Nigerian Coat of Arms

I hope you too will find that courage within you to live life to your fullest potential and not merely exist through it.

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Have a Great October!

6 thoughts on “October : 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

  1. Morenike your October blog is thought provoking and bold I pray there would be a rainbow appearing at every plunge you take in life and that Nigerian leaders would take your advice Happy birthday in advance


  2. Aunty Moe… I looked forward to this month’s post, especially after our last conversation. It was just a day before October (Our month) and I wondered how you will pull off the calendar piece within 24 hours having confided in me that the craft design isn’t ready at all.

    As a craftman, I know to an extent what goes into such simple yet “cut-driven” crafts.

    Seeing this piece… I rename you MoreniKREATIVE!!!

    Wishing us a wonderful birth month as I look forward in having you around for the Orphanage visit nextweek.


  3. Kenkido the fact that you produced this month’s blog & calendar on the 1st is evidence that u’re already taking on the challenge. This is based on the fact that as of the morning of the 1st u hadn’t started on the craft let alone writing the blog.
    Kudos to u.
    It’s all in the mind hence Joyce Meyer’s ‘Battlefield of the mind’.
    I for one only a couple of days before ur post not only thought I couldn’t do something but actually professed I wouldn’t be able to do it. A few hrs later I did it & I’m still marvelling at the result.
    Hapi b’day in advance!


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