How I got kicked out of my studio

How I got kicked out of my studio


It’s been so long since my last post. So much has happened globally, locally and on a personal level. This is just an update on what I’ve been up to in the last 9 months and boy oh boy it’s been quite a rollercoaster ride.

So I relocated from Ikorodu back to my studio in Ikoyi at the beginning of April and resumed life and work in my new reality.  I had moved to Ikorodu in November 2016 for 4 months following the death of my father, to support my Mum through her mourning period. My loyal clients (for whom I am forever grateful) stuck by me  through this transition and continued bringing me their business. God bless you all ever so richly.

As I felt more settled in familiar surroundings back in Ikoyi, I started making plans on achieving my goals for the rest of 2017.

It seemed everything was going well, I was very pleasantly surprised to be featured by Bank & Entrepreneur magazine as one of the 100 female owned SME businesses in Nigeria. It was very humbling to be listed alongside many great Nigerian women doing phenomenal work in their respective industries.


Bank and Entrepreneur Magazine April 2017


My feature in Bank and Entrepreneur Magazine

Little did I know I was about to be thrown a big curve ball that would blindside me and result in me losing my studio.

One faithful morning towards the end of July I noticed a blackish discolouration on the wallpaper in my studio and I wondered what it could be. It was creeping out from behind a large cupboard so I proceeded to move the cupboard to investigate further. To my horror the entire wall was covered in…mould!! The cupboard had kept it well hidden and it looked like it had been festering for quite a long time.

I immediately evacuated my studio as I discovered mould is poisonous and can cause respiratory problems and even death! I proceeded to shutdown the studio and get some experts to look into it. I figured a week should be enough time to sort it out, how wrong I was.

To cut a long story short no real progress has been made till date. I consulted the expertise of various water specialists, roofing specialists and even the architect of the building. Non of them, so far, has been able to detect the source of the dampness. However, all are in agreement that nothing can be done till the rainy season ends, which in Nigeria could be about November *Sigh*

While I was ‘studio-less’ I worked on the dinning table in my house and ran skeletal services. It wasn’t the most convenient set up. I had to juggle family members, worked at a much slower pace and could only handle orders with long notice periods. My stress levels were up and I came down with a flu but I continued working as best I could.

Thank God there was light at the end of this tunnel. I found a new studio space mid September and was able to move in and start operating from there. In hindsight even though I got stressed out I was still optimistic about the future and I’m thankful for all I’ve experienced on this entrepreneurial journey.

God has remained faithful throughout and I know all this is still part of his plan as He works all a things out in my favour. Some of such favours being featured in this article by For Creative Girls alongside other international female creatives. I also was able to make my first ever delivery outside Lagos to a customer in Warri in southern Nigeria.

Toppers delivered safely to Warri

I know I still have much to experience and learn. I feel God is taking me out of my comfort zone to stretch and grow me so I can accomplish the purpose for which He created me.

It’s going to be an interesting ride and I hope you stick around for it.

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