September: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

September: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project


Can you believe it’s September already? 2015 is flying by and what a year it has been so far.

So on to the quote for this month is by Napoleon Hill

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right

I decided to do something different with the backing papers for this quote, by using different colours in the negative spaces of the text. I reckon it turned out quite well. And what says time better than a watch/clock, I emphasised the time never being right by having 2 different times depicted.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress detail

Work in progress detail


Completed September calendar

Completed September calendar

If you’re a procrastinator like me then this quote is definitely for YOU!

Let me tell you a bit about why this is such a heartfelt and personal quote for me. This blog was officially 2 years old in August. How time flies right, even I wasn’t aware until I got a congratulatory message from WordPress to mark my anniversary!

It really got me thinking about how much time I had initially spent dreaming about starting paper crafts, looking at the work of other paper crafters online and being awed and envious at the same time by how talented they were. I would tell myself I didn’t have time, resources, skill and all sorts to excuse myself from pursuing this dream.

The turning point came two years ago when I went to visit my doctor with what I thought was a minor complaint and I got hit by the most unexpected diagnosis. I was so shaken with the thought of my own mortality that I threw all my excuses out the window and poured myself into pursuing paper crafts and opening this blog  to document my progress. My precise thoughts were “I can’t imagine leaving this earth and never doing this thing I’ve dreamed of for so long”

This blog was a beautiful and blissful distraction from the heaviness and seriousness of my reality. Even though I had previously convinced myself I wasn’t ready, I made do with what time and resources I had and learnt as I went along.

Was it the most convenient time to start?  Absolutely not! I fumbled my way through, failing to meet my personal targets of 2 posts a month, even going several months last year with no posts at all! The most important thing though is that I keep moving forward.

Even starting this Calendar project was to get me to blog more regularly and make time to practise paper crafts. Believe it or not I set my self this target when my condition was at its most uncomfortable. It was very inconvenient time-wise but it kept me motivated to pull through my treatment and get better. By the way if you’re wondering, my health is back 100% right now to the glory of God.

Close up detail September 2015 calendar

Close up detail September 2015 calendar

I’ve had an incredible 2 years on this paper craft journey especially with you as my audience and cheer leaders. I’m really thankful I started when I did because I would never have discovered what I could do. My journey continues, there’s still much to learn and do and I plan to do my best for as long as I have life within me.

So today I challenge you to stop procrastinating and finding excuses as to why you can’t do that thing you’ve been dreaming of. Go and join that gym, start that business, blog or hobby, write that book, create that invention, spend quality time with your loved ones. Someone out there needs to be employed by you, learn from you, be touched by you. Don’t waste your existence by living an unfulfilled life.

The saying goes that the richest place is the grave yard because it’s filled with unfulfilled ideas and dreams. Let’s not make the graveyard rich, instead let’s enrich the world because we emptied all we were capable of into it and made a difference in each other’s lives. The world is waiting for that dream you have within you and there’s no better time to start than right now.


Thanks for reading this post. If you like what you just read then share it with someone that you think needs to hear this message. To read more posts like this, please check out the links to my other blog posts below. You can follow me on this blog or on facebook – both links are at the top of this page or follow me on twitter or instagram -both handles are @morenikeg to see all my future work.

Till next time, do take care of yourselves!

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