August: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

August: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

Hello there!

I guess you know the drill already, yes I’m back with another post from my monthly calendar project. The whole reason this began was to get me practising the art of paper cutting instead of procrastinating about it and also to create content for my blog and get feedback from all you lovely people.

So without further delay the quote for this month is by Dan Zadra

Worry is a misuse of imagination

I can definitely attest that what I’ve experienced today alone in the course of getting this blog post out is truly a drama filled practical manifestation of this quote!

Idea sketch

Idea sketch

Cut out

Cut out

First of all I’m sure you’re wondering why I chose to illustrate this quote with a fish walking with an umbrella in rain. Well, the quote did mention imagination and so I figured for today’s post I’ll create a story about a gold fish that has a phobia for water! I thought it’ll be pretty fun to turn things over in my mind and do some creative writing as my blog post, I loved imaginative composition at school and usually did quite well in it so I wanted to revisit it.

Completed cut out

Completed cut out

cut detail

Close up detail

The cut was done and the stage was set but as God would have it ….I haven’t got that story for you because I never got the chance to think it through. Guess what happened to me? – something came up that made me WORRY so badly for nearly half of the entire day that all my imagination went with it! You can’t make this stuff up I tell you!

Let me give you the abridged version of today’s drama. This morning some money was entrusted to my care as payment for someone’s salary. I hadn’t got much sleep last night because I was thinking about what to post today (yeah it was that serious) I received the funds and stashed it in a ‘safe’ place. Much later in the day I get a call from the employee asking for his salary. I’m like “Yeah sure I’ve got it, come get it!” I go over to the ‘safe’ place and it’s GONE!!!

I almost felt like I was losing my mind! I ransacked EVERYWHERE! Even rooms and corners I’d never been to today. I found a few things I thought were lost forever in those corners but not the MONEY!! I called a search party and my brother started theorising that it had been spirited away by someone with swift fingers. All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind, would I have to pay the guy out of my pocket? How do I explain to the employer that the money had vanished?

Long story short, I decide to dump the search and attend a pre-scheduled church meeting so I could clear my head, I confided in someone there about my state of worry & we prayed about it. When I returned home I marched back to my ‘safe’ place and looked again thoroughly and I FOUND IT! Phew! I was so relieved!

August calendar

August calendar

Cut With floats

Only then did I realise that the day was fast spent and I didn’t have a blog post! There was no way my water phobic gold fish story would be written today 😦 but instead I learnt the practical way that worrying truly does occupy ones mind tuntil there is no room for anything else. So much for my grand plan. God surely does have a sense of humour!

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28)

That’s all folks! I’d like to hear from you if you’ve experienced something similar or far more outrageous (hehehehe). Also please feel free to share or comment this post and if you like what you see check out my other posts or follow this blog so you get regular updates on my creative journey to PAPER Queen-dom!! (I haven’t a clue what that means-LOL!!)

Till next time!

4 thoughts on “August: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

  1. This shows that God works in a mysterious way We should rely on Him to solve our problems at all times Well done


  2. Hey More, I think you can understand the import when I say words fail me in expressing how proud I am of you! Your skills are amaze-balls and your dedication to a task is one of the things that add to my awe of you. I salute your paper cutting skills, gal! Now, about the money, you know if you’d told me about it, I would have told you to let go and let God. But then again, I might have turned it into a conspiracy theory, lol. Either way, keep honing your skills. I think by this point, you’ve almost surpassed the 10,000 hrs required to become an expert in an endeavor. Can’t wait to see you standing before kings and leaving mere men behind!

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