Ice cream Cupcake Pop up Card

Ice cream Cupcake Pop up Card

Hello, its been ages since my last post and I’m completely guilt ridden again. However I do have a couple of good excuses to help my case;

1. Making this was quite a challenge as it is the first pop-up card I’ve designed from scratch and ran into a few bumps, road blocks and u-turns along the way

2. This particular card is a surprise for my niece’s birthday. We actually share the same birthday and she’s been excited for months about it and won’t keep quiet about her plans and asking me what my plans were for ‘our’ birthday. She’s also highly intelligent and inquisitive so I’ve had to be very covert in designing her card as she enjoys hanging out in my workspace and is full of questions. It was soooo not easy keeping this a secret from her and her older sister who would have let the cat out of the bag immediately (where are those emoticons when you need them)

So I really wanted to make a pop-up cake of some sort and after a few failed attempts at translating my theoretical ideas into paper models I decided to make it a pop-up cupcake. I found some really pretty embossed paper which I used for the outside of the card and the inner cupcake wrapper then made a honeycomb embellishment to represent the icing. I finished it off with a candle and a couple of lace paper hearts.

I’m certain that with a bit more practice I can improve on the design but right now I’m just glad it’s in a presentable enough state. So here is the finished card which I do hope she likes.

The paper icing really reminds me of strawberry ice cream too which is why I’ve named it the Ice cream cupcake pop-up card.

DSC02834 copy

DSC02853 copy

DSC02872 copy

DSC02884 copy

DSC02894 copy

Seeing as it’s my birthday too I wouldn’t mind if I received a real life version of this. Actually do Ice cream cupcakes exist? And if not, why not? To all the dessert chefs around the world, here is an idea – make Ice-cream cupcakes! You heard it here first! I’m not asking for copyright or royalties, just appoint me as your official taster….yummm!

8 thoughts on “Ice cream Cupcake Pop up Card

  1. Moooooore-Nike!!! This is Awesome. Can u make me one? Doing this commercially?

    Plus it’s my birthday in 4 days 😀


  2. This is a very beautiful creation I pray that sometime in the near future. you would be able to produce these products In commercial quantities on order Wishing you and your niece a very Happy Birthday today
    Mrs Tinuade Gbadamosi


  3. Just seeing this! Wow, More, you really are a box full of surprises! You mean you’ve been keeping this talent hidden from moi?! Well, I never!

    Keep it up. Already dreaming up your exhibition. You know I’ll gladly be your manager, for say, only 25% commission. 😉


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