In the meantime…

In the meantime…

So, I more or less failed at my first attempt to get a new paper project completed in time for this post (hence why this is coming a day late! Oops!). But the dream is still very much alive and since every failure is an opportunity to learn I can say at least I’ve learnt a few things about balancing my demanding 9 to 5 (which in reality can sometimes be 9am to 9am) and my personal goals for this blog.

  • First maybe to pace myself and not get over ambitious with the projects I choose to tackle.
  • Secondly to do a little bit everyday instead of working myself into a panic over what I need to do but haven’t done as my deadline looms. As the self-help guru’s say, break down the project into bite size or manageable tasks

In the meantime due to the absence of a new project to showcase, I’ve decided to post a project I did a while back for a friend & colleague.

I offered to design favour boxes for her wedding which had the theme colours white, orange and gold. The box features lace cutout panels on all four sides of the box. The lace cutout also showcases the couple’s initials A & B in the design. It was topped off with an orange and gold ribbon.





Sadly it never got mass-produced in time for the wedding as I didn’t have the production capacity to see it through. I’m also yet to find a place were I can hand a design like this over to for production in Nigeria. But maybe one day soon that story will change. Anyone out there with any kind of information on getting items like this produced? Please do get in touch.

Also please feel free to post a comment sharing your experiences about ‘failure’ (from mundane to epic catastrophes whatever you fancy) but most importantly tell me what you learnt as a result of that experience. Remember it’s not about how hard you fall but how you get up.

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