And so it begins…


Hello World!!

Welcome to my very first blog post EVER!! Over the next few months I shall be sharing with you my mini obsession with paper. Yes PAPER! It might be kind of odd for an African living in Africa to be obsessed with such but hey, I love it and I’m awed by the wonderful things that can be crafted out of it and daydream about making stuff often.

The whole point of this blog is to force myself to ‘pull out my finger’ and actually DO SOMETHING about this obsession of mine. I procrastinate a lot, so hopefully by setting myself this target of completing a paper project every 2 weeks, I will be one step closer to improving my skills and maybe one day following my dreams of becoming a ‘super duper paper crafting maestro!’

I shall try my hardest to keep to my fortnightly deadlines. So please look out for my first paper project post in 2 weeks!!

In the meantime I’ll leave you with a little bit of my writing, which I’d say captures my current mindset.


Everyone has dreams

And anything can happen in your dreams

Dreams aren’t only seen when you are asleep, they are even more powerful when you’re awake.

Dreams can be scary, audacious, mind-blowing.

Dreams can also be delicate and fragile, that’s why they need to be carefully nurtured into reality.

Dreams, visions, aspirations have moved people to act, have changed nations, the world and compelled men to reach for the stars.

Where will your dreams take you?

-Morenike Gbadamosi (2013)

11 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Beautiful piece Sis, absolutely splendid. Keep it up, I m looking forward to d next one already, so make sure u keep to your deadline.


  2. You are free to explore your dreams and maybe make it a viable profession in the near future I wish you well an Gods guidance. EXPLORE your passion mom and more


  3. Lovely piece.
    Glad u decided to push urself with this. Be assured we’ll be watching out for ur projects.
    Looking forward to not just the next post but also a completed design from u.
    Well done.


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