July: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

July: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

Hello and welcome to July!

We’re seven months into the year and I must admit I almost didn’t get this done at all! If you follow me on social media i.e facebook, instagram or twitter, you’d have seen my post about a private commission which I completed over the weekend. I will be putting up a blog post on that soon. Anyway, that commission took up more time and energy than I had anticipated and coupled with a few other personal obligations in my private life I was really tempted to post getting this July project done. But the show must go on and I’m glad I decided to stick to my guns and force this post out by hook or by crook!

So let me get right into it. The quote I chose for this month is by Robert Ingersoll and it reads

We rise by lifting others

July 3

I don’t have a logical explanation as to why I chose this quote but it just felt right. I guess it might by the idea that achieving success is not a one man race; “No man is an island” is a common phrase we all hear. I used the illustration of different coloured helium balloons, lifting the quote into the air to show that despite our differences, shown by the coloured balloons, we are all need to work together to achieve the greatness we all seek in our individual lives.

Detail of balloons

Detail of balloons

I think it is sad that we now live in a world where traditional and social media is used as a tool to broadcast some people’s critical views and opinions to bring others down for no justifiable reason. Being a ‘hater/troll’ is now almost a career path for some people. They get their 5 minutes of fame by dragging others down to their level of mud and disgust to what end. I just wish they could offer constructive criticism instead of spewing hate and curses on someone they probably don’t even know that well (especially in the case of celebs) But hey, we don’t live in a perfect world unfortunately.

July 4

Don’t let me get started on those who gossip behind people’s backs. It is so wrong! If you have an issue or opinion about someone and you can’t say what you have to say directly to the person then don’t say it to someone else behind the person’s back! It is even worse when they claim to be the person’s friend! With friend’s like those who needs enemies. I know we are human and fall short of the ideal but I think it is something that if we set our minds to we can achieve.

July 1

We are in this world to make it better and to make a difference. The sooner we realise that our progress/success in life is closely linked to the progress/success of others, we’ll see that we are better off trying to support one another instead of trying to pull each other down. Be your brother’s keeper, give back to society and society will give back to you. The lives you touched will be the legacy you leave behind after you are gone. People will only remember how you made them feel so instead of hate and criticism why not spread love and happiness and be remembered for that . Just my two cents.

January to July 2015 Calender progress so far

January to July 2015 calender progress so far

That’s all for today. If you’ve missed my previous posts on this 2015 calendar project where I discuss all the quotes you see in the picture above, please click on the links below.

Thanks for reading and do comment, share, subscribe and follow me on this creative journey of mine.

Have a fabulous month!

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