June 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

June 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

Hello and welcome to June!

I find it amazing that we’re already half way through the year. So much has happened and there’s still so much more to come.

So going straight into this month’s quote, it’s a proverb from the shores of Japan

Fall seven times and stand up eight

In other words, stay resilient regardless of what life throws at you. Have that determination to never give up and to keep on going despite any setbacks you may face.

Thinking on this, my mind went to my country Nigeria. As a people we face several challenges across board. Yet there’s a dogged determination and resilience in most, if not all Nigerians, to find a way through, around, over and under our issues and keep on striving. This is the ‘Naija Spirit’* (*Naija is a colloquial term for Nigeria/Nigerian) 

In celebration of this Naija spirit my choice of colour palette for this month is therefore green and white, the colours of our national flag.

Nigerian Flag

The Nigerian Flag

june cutting progress

Cutting in progress

On the 29th of May 2015, Nigeria celebrated Democracy Day, it was also the day that our newly elected leaders were sworn into office. Our new leader, President Muhammadu Buhari, is a true representation of the Naija Spirit, he contested and lost his bid to be President 3 times in a row before finally winning the last election after a 4th try. If that is not hard core determination and resilience I don’t know what is.

june cutting progress2

Cut out completed

To illustrate the quote I chose to use the image of a tree with the leaves falling. For me, a tree right from the time it’s a seedling has to face all kinds of attacks on it’s existence from the likes of pests, pollution and weather changes. Particularly in temperate climates, where by the end of Fall/Autumn season, a once green and lush tree morphs into a dried up heap of brown leaves lying at the bottom of a wooden trunk with bare branches. It remains this way through Winter but by Spring & Summer it transforms once again to its lush leafy green appearance.

June cover photo

It is important to note that the Fall & Winter only lasts for a time, as do any setbacks we may experience in life. During the Fall & Winter seasons, the tree is starved of sunlight which it needs to make it’s food, hence the leaves dry up and fall off. However, in that time the tree survives by feeding off the reserves it stored up during the Summer until the next Spring returns. Like the tree, the Fall season of life is a good time to take stock of what went wrong, learn from it, re-strategise and get ready to stand up tall in the Spring of life stronger and wiser.

It was clear from this last Presidential election campaigns that President had indeed learnt a lot from his Fall season and had re-strategised accordingly to finally convince Nigerians to put their trust in him. Presently there is a lot of hope and eagerness in the people to see how the new leadership will steer this big, problematic ship of a nation onto the right course. I personally know that it will take some time for that to happen and we will fall short and hit road blocks but I am optimistic that if we, Nigerians hold on that positive ‘Naija Spirit’ and work together through our short comings for the good of the nation there are several great heights we can attain.

Jan to June 2

Progress so far – January to June of the 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

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