March 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

March 2015 Monthly Calendar Project


Welcome to the new month of March. Can’t believe it’s March already, how time flies. I hope 2015 has been good to you so far and I also hope that the rest of the year shall be truly awesome for everyone.

So on to today’s order of business, this month’s quote is

Start each day with a grateful heart

I’ve been trying hard to put this into practice ever since I decided this would be the quote for March, every morning as I open my eyes I try and say a little thank you prayer. I know it can sometimes be hard to find something to grateful for especially when you feel life isn’t being fair or you’re stressed out. Life can be really hard and it’s easy to get depressed, bitter or even angry about it but I choose to believe that the fact that we are still here, with blood flowing through our veins, means that life isn’t through with us yet and there’s still something left within us that the world is waiting to experience. Isn’t that one good enough reason to be grateful?

There are several other reasons to be grateful in life and according to religion and science there are so many benefits to expressing gratitude regardless of our circumstances. In religion, at least I can speak for christianity, it creates a stronger relationship between us and God, we are reminded about all the good things He has blessed us with and it helps us to put our trust in Him for the present and the future knowing that His thoughts towards us are that of good always.

In science,the author of this Huffington Post article,  a Cardiologist, stated the many health benefits of gratitude. Below are some highlights

  1. Gratitude nourishes the mind, body and spirit breeding happiness and increasing life expectancy by up to 20-35%
  2. Gratitude reminds you of what is really important in life so you can focus on those things and less on superficial things
  3. Gratitude makes problems less daunting and more manageable, reducing stress and stress-related illnesses which account for up to 90% of all diseases (shocking statistic!)
  4. Gratitude comes back to you, helping you to be positive towards others which in turn will attract positive reactions back to you

Wow! Isn’t that amazing?

In expressing the art for this March Calendar, I tried to capture the warmth and happiness that gratitude brings into our hearts.

March Cal overhead

Wrapped in gratitude, the golden heart in the centre radiates with joy and is surrounded by a burst of colours which shows the positive impact gratitude has on our perception of everything around us.

Close up detail

Close up detail

I wanted the shapes around the heart to evoke a sense of church, like stained glass windows, to show how gratitude also connects us to God as an act of worship.

Close up detail

Close up detail

The writer of the Huffington Post article suggests you makes a list of 5 things you are grateful for and just close your eyes focus and meditate, or for some pray, on those things on your list every morning.

March Cal Window

I certainly have a lot to be thankful for such as my health, my family & friends, my finances, my job, my gifts & talents, and I look forward to adding to my list of gratitude in the future as my life progresses.

March 2015 Calender

March 2015 Calender

What about you? What would you put on your gratitude list to meditate on every morning? Please feel free to share your list in the comments section. Let’s start to live with a gratitude attitude and see how our lives are transformed for the better.

Thank you for reading this post. Please share, comment, discuss and I’ll see you all soon on my next post! Take Care!

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