February: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

February: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

Hello and welcome to February!

That my friends also means we’re into the 2nd month of my 2015 Monthly Calendar Project. Yayyyy!

I must admit I wasn’t sure I would be able to get this out as planned. January was quite a challenging month for me health-wise but I was determined to get this done regardless and thank goodness here it is.

So on to this month’s motivational quote which is by Oprah Winfrey, who coincidently turned 61 a few days ago, on January 29th, Happy Birthday Oprah! The quote for February is

“You become what you believe” – Oprah Winfrey

I was quite intrigued when I first read that quote, especially coming from Oprah of whose rags to riches story I think everyone is aware. I sensed that there must be more to it so I got on google and found a short video from Oprah’s Lifeclass where she explains the thinking behind the quote which you can watch below

So in summary where you are in life right now is a direct result of what you believe about yourself whether negative or positive. Your beliefs shape your thoughts, which shape your actions and your actions determine your destiny. What you believe about yourself could be as a result of what others think about you which may have no relation to what you are actually purposed to become.

I remember the story of the eagle egg that got hatched alongside chicken eggs. It spent its a good part of its life walking on the ground like the rest of the chickens pecking at grains because it believed it was a chicken, it didn’t know it was an eagle and was born to be one of the most powerful birds in nature and soar high in the air. It’s beliefs were shaped by its environment.

I had all sorts of ideas of how I could translate this into my February calendar. I finally settled on the idea of metamorphosis of a butterfly. I chose this because I find that a lot of us are going through life like caterpillars, being mediocre, however the caterpillar is born fully equipped within itself with everything it needs to become a butterfly the same way you and I are born with talents, gifts and a purpose to achieve lifetime.

Completed cut out

Completed cut out

Interesting enough the key to the caterpillar becoming the butterfly it was created to become lies in its brain. Scientist say hormones secreted in the brain of the caterpillar are what triggers its transformation and causes it to go through all the stages of moulting and metamorphosis.

Close up of caterpillar and leaves

Close up of caterpillar and leaves

The way I see it, it’s like the caterpillar gets an ‘AHA!’ moment and realises I’m actually meant to be a ‘beautiful butterfly’ (if you’ve watched A Bug’s Life then that phrase should ring a bell 🙂 ) From that point on every action the caterpillar takes is instinctively geared towards growing, developing and transforming into a butterfly. Just like the caterpillar we need to renew our minds, rewire our brains and how we see ourselves. We must believe we can be who we want to become and then act according to that belief.

Close up of butterfly

Close up of butterfly

So I ask today, the 1st of February 2015, what do you believe about yourself? If you believe you are ugly, poor, unworthy then the result of every action you take in life will confirm those beliefs. But if you  say to yourself I am beautiful, I am blessed, I am talented etc and believe in your heart that these positive affirmations are true and act positively in accordance to your beliefs you’ll soon discover that you have indeed gone through a transformation and become what you’ve believed about yourself.

Feb art

Feb butterfly

Like everyone else I’ve experienced various challenges and disappointments, however I’ve usually retreated into myself instead of acknowledging that those things came to teach me something about life and prepare me for another phase of my journey. Now I know I’m not here to be a caterpillar but I am a butterfly in the making.

I’m holding this same belief for my country Nigeria. This month we’re holding elections for all levels of government. There’s been so much mud slinging and negativity but I’m choosing instead to think positively and believe that one day Nigeria can become a great nation as it deserves. However we can only rise if we as a people believe in ourselves individually and collectively and then start acting right. The government is a product of the people and if the people have issues so will the government it’s that simple.

Completed February 2015  Calendar

Completed February 2015 Calendar

Everyone has on the inside of them a beautiful butterfly just waiting to spread its wings and soar, I hope you give yourself permission to start believing in you.

That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by I hope you enjoyed this post please feel free to share, comment and even follow this blog. I would really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Till we meet again. Take Care!

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