Visit to The Arrows of God Orphanage

Visit to The Arrows of God Orphanage


Hope you’ve all been doing great? I know I’ve been absent from the blog scene for a while and I apologise for my silence so far this year.

I consciously decided to take some time out to re-evaluate my plans for this blog. As a result it has made me realise I need to acquire some new skills and knowledge to achieve my set plans, which is what I’ve been doing.

Soon I will reveal to you what I’ve been exploring and I hope you will still follow and support me on this journey as you always have, I certainly don’t take any of your love and support for granted.

In the spirit of #FlashbackFriday I’d like to share my experience from my visit to Arrows of God Orphanage, Lagos back in October 2015.

I never got round to posting this back then as I was down the day after the visit, which extended into the next couple of weeks, with a pretty severe allergic reaction that I won’t wish on anyone! Ever!

The visit to the Arrows of God Orphanage was organised by my colleague Bolaji Junaid to mark his birthday under his group BJ & Friends. In 2014 we visited Christ the Light of Hope Orphanage (CLOHO) which you can read about here.
Arrows of God orphanage is located in Ajah, Lagos State. I joined the rest of the team on their way there and after we all got a bit lost, we finally arrived at our pick up spot. Here, we waited for the orphanage bus to come and take us to the premises. The roads were terrible and I’m trying to think if it was worse or just as bad as the road leading up to CLOHO!

We had a very limited amount of time when we arrived because of all the previous drama of getting there. The state of the orphanage itself is as pretty good. The buildings and environment were in tip-top shape. The children were healthy, well dressed and as energetic as ever as they took part in the dancing competitions and games our group set up.

I was in charge of the craft class for a the younger children whilst the teens had an accessories making craft session with another crafty lady.


Teens in their accessories making session


In my class I showed the children how to decorate paper crowns with foam stickers of various colours. I had already pre-cut the half crowns on various coloured sheets of card and stapled elastic string to them so they could wear their creations. Each child also got a balloon for completing their crowns.


Aren’t they adorable? The children showed great enthusiasm and some of the adults couldn’t resist getting in touch with their inner-child and decorated their caps and faces as well as made crowns for themselves. Lol!


Goofing around in the orphanage bus


It was a really fun day overall and we all posed for photos and ate Bolaji’s birthday cake.


Bolaji with his birthday cake and some of the children


The Orphanage also got a bunch of provisions donated to it by the group members.


Provisions for the orphanage


If you’d like to find out more about Arrows of God Orphanage please visit their Facebook page here

Thanks for reading this post. If you like what you read here please let me know your thoughts and do share with others.

Stay blessed people!

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