January: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

January: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project


Hope you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration and now ready to face 2015 and everything it has to offer.

As New Year’s traditions go I’m sure quite a few of you have made resolutions or have goals you would like to achieve this year. Yes? No? Did you make any last year? And how many of your targets did you hit or miss? I know I definitely missed my targets with regards to this blog. If blogs could talk I bet mine would give me a good earful about how neglected it must have felt in 2014.

So this year I’ve devised a plan of action to keep me productive on this blog. I actually didn’t have a set plan last year so I’m hoping that since I’ve thought this through it will work out (how well will it work out? I guess I’ll find out in the implementation) . So part of my plan is to create a calendar of motivational quotes. I’m not a big fan of calendars, which could be why I was not that organised last year, so I’m hoping to kill like 3 birds with this stone….talk about ambitious right.

2015 calendar cover

2015 calendar cover

This 2015 monthly calendar project is to create a calendar page with a motivational quote to be published on the 1st day of every month. This should mean I publish at least 1 post a month (bird 1). The quote should help spur me on (and hopefully you too) through the month to become better in general (bird 2) and also having a calendar in my workspace will help me plan my life in advance and stay better organised with my days (bird 3).

This part of my year-long plan only came together like 2 days ago so I’ve had to work hard and fast to get my January 2015 calendar ready. So without further ado here is my month of January:

I chose the quote “The distance between your dreams and reality is called action.”  because for me this translates to following through on all my plans by being deliberate in everything I do. This year I really want to make my dreams a reality. Aren’t you sick and tired of having the same plans year in year out and not moving forward with your life because you just can’t seem to get anything done? Well I am, so my action steps this year will be different from any other year previously and I pray it pays off. Well I do have all of you to keep me accountable which is a plus 🙂

My interpretation of the quote borrows from the world of film making. The clapper board represents the action or series of actions that go into creating a movie before achieving ultimate dream of winning an oscar. Making a good movie, like most creative endeavours is long, hard and tedious process, (take note Nollywood!) however the passion movie maker has for the project is what motivates him/her through the rough patches. It also says to me that I don’t need to be a lone ranger in my actions, after all a movie isn’t created by one person alone but through collaboration with other experts who can help you along the way to achieving your dreams. So I’m going to try asking for help as and when I need it.

The creative process:

I printed the design on 140 gsm photo paper with my regular laser printer and then die-cut the clapper board and the page border using my Silhouette SD.

Die cut in detail

I then applied gold foil to the other bits.

I glued on an ash coloured sheet of paper to the back of my calendar page. I’ve chosen to display it in a jewel case which I’ve recycled from an old desk calendar I had.

Completed January calendar in jewel case

So what’s your number 1 New Year’s resolution? Mine is to try to not succumb to stress. 2014 was like stress on steroids for me but thankfully I survived.  Hence why I need a plan so I don’t feel like I’m spiralling out of control. Hopefully we can motivate each other to stay on track and reach our goals. I look forward to hearing from you guys.

Till next time have a splendid New Year!!

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