Let there be Light!

Let there be Light!

Hello lovely people of the world!

I hope 2014 has been a great start for everyone. About a week ago I stumbled on a twitter post from a UK Paper Artist I really admire Julene Harrison. She was one of 11 designers picked to design a lantern shade to promote Panasonic’s 100 thousand solar lantern project. As always Julene had created a truly AMAZING design which you can see here.

This video explains what the project is all about.

For some of you who’ve lived in developed nations all your lives, I’m sure the idea of living without electricity is completely alien to you. However in third world countries like mine it’s a way of life. I’m even considered privileged because I live in a city where we get sporadic electricity from the National grid. Even with that electricity can be gone for hours, days and sometimes weeks so most people resort to generating their own electricity. Those who can afford it have a back up generator or inverter to compensate for the failings of the electrical company.

Yet there are still areas in my nation that have never had electricity.  So much money is lost in the economy as  businesses struggle to thrive and quite often die prematurely because set up and running costs are too high so the cycle of poverty continues.

This is why this project is so dear to my heart and I’m pleased that Panasonic is taking up this cause. I know the entries close at the end of this month but I encourage you to be a part of it in some way.

I’ve created and entered my design for this cause and I would really appreciate if you voted or even created your own design and shared it with others. Below are screen shots of my design on the Panasonic “Cut out the darkness” website.

'Abstract 1' 2 3

Please vote for my design here and be a light in someone’s world. Thanks!

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