June 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

June 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

Hello and welcome to June!

I find it amazing that we’re already half way through the year. So much has happened and there’s still so much more to come.

So going straight into this month’s quote, it’s a proverb from the shores of Japan

Fall seven times and stand up eight

In other words, stay resilient regardless of what life throws at you. Have that determination to never give up and to keep on going despite any setbacks you may face.

Thinking on this, my mind went to my country Nigeria. As a people we face several challenges across board. Yet there’s a dogged determination and resilience in most, if not all Nigerians, to find a way through, around, over and under our issues and keep on striving. This is the ‘Naija Spirit’* (*Naija is a colloquial term for Nigeria/Nigerian)  Continue reading