January: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

January: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project


Hope you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve celebration and now ready to face 2015 and everything it has to offer.

As New Year’s traditions go I’m sure quite a few of you have made resolutions or have goals you would like to achieve this year. Yes? No? Did you make any last year? And how many of your targets did you hit or miss? I know I definitely missed my targets with regards to this blog. If blogs could talk I bet mine would give me a good earful about how neglected it must have felt in 2014.

So this year I’ve devised a plan of action to keep me productive on this blog. I actually didn’t have a set plan last year so I’m hoping that since I’ve thought this through it will work out (how well will it work out? I guess I’ll find out in the implementation) . So part of my plan is to create a calendar of motivational quotes. I’m not a big fan of calendars, which could be why I was not that organised last year, so I’m hoping to kill like 3 birds with this stone….talk about ambitious right.

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