March 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

March 2015 Monthly Calendar Project


Welcome to the new month of March. Can’t believe it’s March already, how time flies. I hope 2015 has been good to you so far and I also hope that the rest of the year shall be truly awesome for everyone.

So on to today’s order of business, this month’s quote is

Start each day with a grateful heart

I’ve been trying hard to put this into practice ever since I decided this would be the quote for March, every morning as I open my eyes I try and say a little thank you prayer. I know it can sometimes be hard to find something to grateful for especially when you feel life isn’t being fair or you’re stressed out. Life can be really hard and it’s easy to get depressed, bitter or even angry about it but I choose to believe that the fact that we are still here, with blood flowing through our veins, means that life isn’t through with us yet and there’s still something left within us that the world is waiting to experience. Isn’t that one good enough reason to be grateful?

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