Ice cream Cupcake Pop up Card

Ice cream Cupcake Pop up Card

Hello, its been ages since my last post and I’m completely guilt ridden again. However I do have a couple of good excuses to help my case;

1. Making this was quite a challenge as it is the first pop-up card I’ve designed from scratch and ran into a few bumps, road blocks and u-turns along the way

2. This particular card is a surprise for my niece’s birthday. We actually share the same birthday and she’s been excited for months about it and won’t keep quiet about her plans and asking me what my plans were for ‘our’ birthday. She’s also highly intelligent and inquisitive so I’ve had to be very covert in designing her card as she enjoys hanging out in my workspace and is full of questions. It was soooo not easy keeping this a secret from her and her older sister who would have let the cat out of the bag immediately (where are those emoticons when you need them)

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