May: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

May: 2015 Monthly Calendar Project

Hello and Welcome to the month of MAY!

It’s also worker’s day which is an added bonus ūüôā I hope you guys are making the most of your day off.

So straight into today’s order of business. I promise this post won’t be as long as last month’s (hehehe). The quote for this month is

Always be kinder than you feel

This quote actually made me think about my interactions with people. There is a saying that when you are gone from this earth people don’t remember what you owned but they remember how you made them feel. I believe everyone wants to leave a positive mark on the world so my interpretation of this quote was therefore to be quite cheerful with bright colours. I also included gift boxes in the quote because kindness is indeed giving the¬†gift of your good self to another person.

cut out

May 2015 calendar close up

May 2015 calendar close up

In analysing this quote it reminded me of myself. I’m quite an easy going¬†introvert and tend to bottle up a lot of stuff and usually when things get under my skin¬†I bottle it up to breaking point and¬†take it out on¬†the next unsuspecting victim to cross my path. I realised a while back, when someone called my attention to it, that this is quite wrong and I’ve since put in a lot of effort to ensure it is¬†something that I¬†unlearn and I am still unlearning,¬†a work in progress.

May Cal

It is important that we note that we are not alone in our struggles through life. Everyone, not matter who they are though they might outwardly present themselves with a smile on their face, underneath they are fighting their own unique battles. The least we can do is act kindly to everyone we interact with regardless of how badly we feel about our current situations. The issues you currently feel down about could be nothing compared to what the next person is going through and the last thing they need is for you to offload your drama on their already stressful life just so you can feel better about yourself.

May feature

I see so many people going through life like ticking time-bombs. Especially in a city like Lagos, all you need to do is check out the aggression on the roads. Being kind doesn’t make you a push-over either, you will definitely¬†come across people who are quite unpleasant to be around and difficult to be nice to. In such a situations, I personally take note of them and avoid or¬†limit my interactions with them as I cannot afford to let their negativity cloud my life. Life after-all is too short to constantly live in the shadow of another person’s drama, neither do I want to be the person bringing drama into another person’s life and neither should you. As I said earlier, people only remember how you make them feel, so why not be remembered for being a light in someone’s life as opposed to a dark cloud.

I’ll end with this quote from the website Marc and Angel article on how to centre you life around love and happiness¬†

And remember, you will come across some people in life who always seem to create conflicts.  When you meet them, smile and walk away.  The battle they are fighting isn’t with you, it’s within them.

If you’re interested in further learning on this topic, check out 4 ways to be kind when you don’t feel life it

January to May progress on the 2015 monthly calendar project

January to May progress on the 2015 monthly calendar project

Thank you for reading this post and for keeping up with my progress on this project. Please feel free to like, share and subscribe to this blog. I also look forward to hearing your thoughts on anything you see on this blog. Till next time, have a wonderful month!

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